JUNE 17, 2013
Update note to January 1963 Classmates.
Now that your 50th Reunion has taken place the June class would like to extend a special invatation. Two reunions in a year is a lot.  So if you would like to attend the reunion being held in August and you pay by check -  note January 1963 on the check and take 10% off.
This offer expires July 10, 2013.
To all members of the John Marshall High 1963 graduating Classes with special note to the January Graduates:

As it was suggested to us by the Alumni Association when we formed the reunion committee, we tried to include both the January and June classes for reasons of ease and economy. During this early time through our committee's efforts and expenditures we were able to locate 14 lost January classmates as well as over 40 in the June class. This effort continues today. After several meetings and a financial commitment to a facility, we were informed that the January class wanted to have their own reunion. In contact with the January Alumni President, we agreed that was his decision to make but we were going to leave the reunion open to all 1963 graduates. These classmates could attend theirs, ours or both reunions as they so choose.

In a recent email from Dr. Cusick he indicated that we should apologize for having told members of the January class that they were welcome to the reunion we are planning and for sending out a "save the date" letter to all who graduated from John Marshall High in 1963. To those in the January class we offended with our indication of a future invitation, we deeply apologize and once again encourage you to attend the reunion that is in the process of being organized by Dr. Cusick's representatives